Long Distance Movers Give Interstate Relocation Tips

Relocating to another state or across the border is more stressful than moving a short distance. That means you will need a lot of time and planning to ensure your move is smooth. From a long distance mover‘s perspective, here are the top tips for a smooth interstate relocation;

1. Go with a Registered Moving Company

Though many moves go smoothly, there are still some rogue companies and conmen out there who will break your stuff and swindle your money. Luckily, you can identify registered companies from FMCSA and find out if they have a current USDOT number. A reliable registered company will provide you with a brochure of your rights and responsibilities before you even hire them and then serve you with several legal documents that include estimates, an order of service, bill of lading and inventory list.

2. Decide How to Move Your Stuff

Depending on your budget and how convenient you want your move to be, you can either choose between moving yourself with a van, shipping and hiring long distant movers. It’s important to decide this early on because if you choose to ship, there are papers and permits you need to get and stuff that can’t be shipped. A reputable moving company will advise you on how to cut costs and all the paperwork you need to fill. It’s also important to decide how you and the family will travel either driving or by flight.

3. Minimize Stuff

Interstate moving is pretty expensive and can go up to $5630 or more. One of the ways to reduce that cost and the inconvenience of having too much stuff is to get rid of unnecessary stuff. A few weeks before the move, sort out your stuff and have a yard sale. You can also donate to charity or sell on Craig’s list anything that you don’t use often. The proceeds you will get will go towards the cost of moving, and you will have more room to buy new stuff.

4. Transfer Bills and Subscriptions

There is nothing worse than moving to a house, and there is no power or TV or water. Be sure to transfer all your utilities to your new home including TV cable, mail, and internet. If you aren’t able to go ahead and check that everything is working, you can send someone who can do that for you even if it’s the landlord or agent.

5. Organize Packing

Moving long distance will be extremely tiring, so you must make unpacking as easy as possible. Instead of just throwing things in boxes, pack stuff according to room or owner and label the boxes carefully. Pack the fragile items yourself and use your blankets, towels, and clothes to wrap them instead of bubble wrap to save on cost and space. Disassemble furniture if possible and take photos of your electronics and furniture before packing.

The most important thing to remember when moving long distance is that you require a lot of time before the move ideally more than ten weeks. Exchange contacts with your movers in case of anything and ensure you have your essential bag with you.

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